Ravi Kant , Advocate Supreme Court of India.

Justice D V Shylendra Kumar has rightly said that the Judiciary should come out openly and put all their assets in Public Domain. He rightly says that the there is nothing to worry for the judges as they have protection under the Constitution of India. He also questions the move by the CJI to request the Parliament to frame a law for their protection.

Taking a moral ground on separation of powers between the Judiciary , Executive and the Legislature many judges take a moral ground that we should not step into the legislature turf. Rightly said but people of this country today have hope only in the judiciary, the amount of corruption and nepotism which breeds  the state level politics have completely led to loss of faith in Politicians. The people of India are not fools that they cannot see that once a politician comes into power he/she becomes owner of crores and crores. Take the example of Mayawati – a school teacher who became owner of hundreds of crores by just becoming the Chief minister or Madhu Koda a small time politician who also became rich overnight, the examples are many. The time has come that today politicians need to be questioned and prosecuted. They cannot be allowed to loot this country. Every where the questions should hit them. When people start asking questions to these people who loot us and hamper development then only they will get the anger of the public. The fight for accountability and transparency is the war which India has to fight with itself. Once there will be transparency and accountability these wily people in khadi will be prosecuted and no politician will dare to loot the country. In this war and campaign for accountability and transparency in the country the people of this country look to the Judiciary as their saviour and brother in arms. And why not the Judiciary has all the powers to maintain the checks and balance.

Remember that the Judiciary has got this credibility by the sterling work done by the leading Judges of India like Justice Hargobind Khurana , Justice PN Bhagwati , Justice Krishna Iyer , Justice J S Verma to name a few. to uphold the Rule of Law in this country. They all lived up to the aspirations which people have on the occupiers of such high  office .

Today in the war for accountability and transparency the Judiciary has to set very high standards. It has to be very transparent and open.And the process should start immediately by the Judges to declare their assets and put it on the Public Domain. Justice Shylendra needs to be congratulated for speaking out against the view of the Chief Justice of India .What Justice Shylendra Kumar has said is the majority opinion which judges across the country have but are unable to speak due to the official stand of the CJI.

Just imagine how the netas reacted in parliament when the MPs 40%-50% of whom have criminal background were taking moral ground and advocating to the Judges to be transparent.That day was the lowest point of our Judiciary.

As the head of the Judiciary ,  the statement of the Chief Justice of India underplaying the issue instead of ordering a scientific enquiry in which a HC Judge was approached by a Minister  in Chennai  was utterly shocking. Why cant we have a CBI enquiry into the matter. The issue was mentioned in full court by the Judge. We cannot buy the CJI statement that the HC Judge was not approached until and unless a full enquiry is undertaken. The CJI has defended the issue in Media and also recently in the CJI conference in Vigyan Bhawan.

Why cant there be an enquiry. For a small thief the law takes its course but for politicians the law becomes immobile and the CJI rules out enquiry .The people of this country need an answer and the Chief Justice of India should answer why he is against the enquiry into the allegations of the High Court Judge.

Lordships the people of this country are becoming restless . How can we be tolerant to such issues.Please restore the faith which people of this country have in the Judiciary.

I am making these strong statements as a citizen of this country and member of the Bar and I believe that the time has come that every move of occupiers of high offices should be open to public scrutiny as the people of this country are the sovereign.