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  1. O.P. Sharma said:

    Khaps horrific activities are not confined to honour killings only. These illegal undefined and thuggy elements hold sway over the lives of people in villages. These elements prevent spread of education, help and instigate grabbing of land opf peoplre working and living in Delhi and elsewhere.

    Haryana government, i nparticular, need to take stringent steps against people connected with khaps. Remember that as these are not elected bodies, you can not easily identify its members. The Government should wholeheartily support the intent and content of historical judgement by the judge in Distt. Court Karnal in end March. Thje Home Minister Chidambaram and Law Minister Moily should get full support of all members opf Union Cabinet to enact stringent laws againsyt this Talibasni element in our progressive democratic society.

    An important step required is top spread modernism in villages by spreading education, psarticularly among girls, improving infrastructure with strong connectivity with towns and centre of excellence, a strong awareness campaign on freedoms of liberty and other major aspects ofg our constiotution.

    Also, educated people who work in cities but want to have strong ties with their villages should get protection of their propertiesd and allowed to make investments. They should freely visit their ancestral homes. These khaps are a blot on the name of society as they are hurdels to progress in villages. When India gives so much facilities to Non-Resident Indians, why cant Haryana or other Governments give similar facilities to No-Resident Haryanvis. If the Government does thjis, it will attract huge investm,ent in rural Haryana.

  2. Dear sir ,

    I am deep prakash from jharkhand. I study ofl.l.b . I am 23 year old.

    I has fight nagar nigam election 2010 in dhanbad state jharkhand

    I has fight by the consitituation (seventy four amendement) act 1993

    243v-(a) provided that no peson shallbe disqualified on the ground that

    He is less then twenty five year of age , if he has attaind the age of twenty

    One year.

    I want to fight election ofbihar bidhan shabha from age 23 year.becouse

    Election commission decilar my age25year according to 243v(the consititution

    Seventy four) ament act 1993.

    Qualificationfor memberships of the state legistature

    ©pssesses such other qualification as may be prescribed in that behafe

    By or underand law made by parliament.


    The consititation(seventyfour)amendemnt act 1993 made by parliament.

    So, according to this process I want to fight election in bihar.

    Whatshould should will I fight election this case?

    If any case related andcourt give idea and information.

    I request from u pl help me .
    thank u
    your faithfully
    deep prakash

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